The final phases on Newton’s huge applicant tracking system upgrade begins this week.

As you are probably aware, we completely rebuilt Newton from the ground-up so that it will work on any desktop, tablet and almost any phone. Next week marks the final step in what has been a massive, almost year-long process.

Almost all of our Admin and Staffing Users have made the transition to Next:Newton weeks ago. Starting on Monday, July 28th we will switch all remaining Standard Users to the newest version of Newton. The upgrade will be automatic. There is nothing new to download or install and no IT support required. Users will not need to be retrained.

Newton Touch: goodbye old friend.

Now obsolete, next week we will be saying goodbye to our iPad and mobile app, “Newton Touch”. Yes, we are in the final days for what was the first iPad-compatible applicant tracking product. When we first built Touch people said, “Why would anyone use an applicant tracking system on an iPad?” Touch was a great product and a game-changer. We are a bit bummed to see it go.

The real advantage of retiring Newton Touch is that we now can consolidate our development efforts on a single platform instead of creating different versions of our product for every device. The latter is commonly referred to as an “App Strategy”: an iPad, iPhone and Android App, plus a desktop version. Given the velocity at which we ship features (among other things), an app strategy would be inefficient. We’d always be reacting to the demands of supporting new devices instead of focusing on expanding Newton’s feature set and developing new products.

IE and Firefox… Use Chrome

If you, or anyone on your team, experiences a performance hit with the new version, by all means let us know! You are not bugging us! Just send an email to We’ve spent a ton of time testing, but we have found that a small percentage of IE and Firefox users have had some problems with page loading times. In general these issues are solved by updating to a new version of their browser, but not always. By the way, the new version of Newton seems to work flawlessly on Chrome every time.

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