PRESS RELEASE: Newton has released a completely mobile version of its top-rated applicant tracking system, allowing recruiting and human resource professionals as well as hiring managers and executives to engage in their hiring process from any smartphone, tablet and browser.

San Francisco, CA
May 19, 2014

Read the entire press release here:

We’re proud to announce completely re-architected version of Newton, our popular corporate hiring software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The new version of our platform utilizes the most modern web technologies available including HTML5 and is completely optimized for mobile use. This version of Newton is being offered to all of our customers as a free upgrade. Hundreds of users are already using the new responsive version of Newton as a part of a beta program. All users will be upgraded systematically over the next several weeks.

Re-architecting Newton to be responsive was no small task. Our product teams spent more time on this redesign than on any release in Newton’s short history. Now that Newton has the most modern platform in the industry, we have already shifted our resources and we’re developing new functionality that will offer our customers new tools that address the problems that matter most in corporate recruiting.

The move to HTML5 also represents a strategic advantage for Newton, our partners and our customers. It will be nearly impossible for vendors with large code bases to re-architect their products to match Newton’s speed and responsiveness. And, even the newer, smaller vendors won’t be able to ignore mobility issues.  Scrolling, zooming, pinching and squinting are not viable options for users anymore. And, forcing users to download, install and sign in to special apps does not create a good user experience. We’ve set the bar with this release. Watch a preview here.

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