A completely new version of Newton’s applicant tracking software is going to be released in May. Watch a preview.

Newton – A Simple, Smart, Safe Applicant Tracking System for Employers from Newton Software on Vimeo.

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll release a fully “responsive” version of Newton to all of our clients. Buh-bye Flash. Hello HTML5.  This will make Newton the only ATS (and one of the very few mission-critical business applications) that’s truly architected using new responsive web design techniques. The resulting usability and user satisfaction benefits will be immeasurable. Notably, Newton customers will be able to use the product on any smartphone, tablet and browser without downloading or installing any new apps. Getting everyone involved in the hiring process has never been easier with Newton.

It will be impossible for vendors with large code bases to re-architect their product to match Newton’s speed and mobility

Rearchitecting our product and implementing a responsive version of Newton has not been easy. In fact, we’ve spent more time on this redesign than on any other release in Newton’s short history. Fortunately, we’re still nimble enough to pull off a major overhaul (think changing the tires on a car while it’s moving). It will be nearly impossible for vendors with large code bases to re-architect their product to match Newton’s speed and mobility.  The latest version of our hiring software provides our company, our customers and our partners with a huge long-term advantage.

More enhancements on the way

More good things are on the horizon for employers using Newton. We’ll use the latest version of Newton as a springboard to launch many new features and even a new product in the weeks and months to come. 
 And, as always, all of our newest enhancements will address the areas of recruiting that matter most. Stay tuned.

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