Newton has released a fully responsive ATS that is now available to beta users.

Newton Mobile Hiring Software

Newton Mobile Hiring Software

The latest version of our popular hiring software empowers recruiting and human resources professionals as well as hiring managers and executives to engage with the platform from any smartphone, tablet or browser with an internet connection and without downloading any special apps. This week, we completed the second segment of the public beta program. The second beta program included over 35 Newton users and we’re happy to report that this was a very successful segment.

-The uptime / reliability for Next:Newton in April was 100%.
-The user adoption rate for beta users was 100% (no beta user was reverted to the old version of Newton)
-Over several critical bugs and dozens of cosmetic bugs have been reported and will be fixed in a release that goes live this weekend.

Given the success and positive feedback associated with the second beta program, Newton has invited another 100 employers to join the third beta segment. The next group transitions to the latest version of Newton’s hiring software on May, 1 2014. We expect the usability and user satisfaction benefits to continue to be immeasurable. Usability is always #1 at Newton and it’s the #1 reason that employers choose and love our product. We believe that for hiring software to live up to its fullest potential it has to empower people to do what they need to do as easily and as quickly as possible all the time from any device and computer with an internet connection.

Implementing a responsive version of Newton has not been easy. In fact, we’ve spent more time on this redesign than on any release in Newton’s short history. However, we know responsive is where every vendor must to go in order to be competitive. The latest version of our hiring software provides our company, our customers and our partners with a huge long-term advantage. And, we’ll use the latest version of Newton as a springboard to launch many new features and even a new product in the weeks and months to come.

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