A complete mobile strategy is the new must-have feature for any future-ready applicant tracking system.

Mobile applicant tracking software by Newton

Mobile applicant tracking software by Newton

The recruiting technology industry is experiencing an era of unprecedented change. Investment dollars are flowing into the space. Small upstarts are disrupting what was once a dusty corner of the business software industry. Today, HR and recruiting leaders see more trends rushing by than ever before and are constantly confronted with critical decisions related to recruiting technology: Where should we invest? What should we ignore? What will matter most in 6 months? 12 months?

When it comes to selecting an applicant tracking system, however, many organizations fail to ask the right questions. Employers have traditionally treated the hiring software selection process as a feature comparison—a static selection methodology that often ignores the most critical factor for success: user engagement. Without user engagement employers cannot expect to gain agility, collaboration, and efficiency from their hiring platform.

It’s undeniable; today’s workforces are freer to work where they want to work. Employers expect people to be productive while on the move, which requires technology that empowers people work anywhere in the world on whatever device they choose. As a result, workers are fueling the demand for mobile solutions. In response, employers must provide people a way to work wherever they want on whatever device they choose.

 Users of applicant tracking systems demand mobility.

-98% of recruiters said they’d be more efficient if they had mobile access to their ATS
-90% of hiring managers say they want to access recruiting data from their phones and tablets.
-95% of executives expect to participate in job and offer approval processes from their smartphones.

*Results compiled from a 2013 independent survey conducted by Newton Software of over 100 small and medium-sized employers

You can’t ignore mobile.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you know that mobile internet usage has been skyrocketing over the last few years. According to internet analyst, Mary Meeker, mobile internet traffic made up nearly 15% of global internet usage in May 2013. Even with this compelling evidence, many employers continue to ignore the big questions: Does our applicant tracking system have a mobile strategy? Is our hiring program future ready? Are we providing our users with technology that helps them get their work done?

Mobile is arguably the future of everything. It is the 2.0 of the internet. If you don’t already have a mobile strategy that you’re implementing, you’re already late to the game. There are those that might be tempted to say “mobile isn’t that important in my industry.” Not true. Mobile affects everyone. If you have recruiters, mobile is how they are contacting applicants. If you have hiring managers, you need to engage with them where they work to encourage participation. If you expect executives to “buy in” to the process, you better make it convenient.

People are using mobile devices to do everything they do, and if there is something they can’t do on their mobile phone, chances are they just won’t do it. Choosing an applicant tracking system that has a mobile strategy isn’t just about checking the box today; it’s about being future ready.

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