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Next:Newton is what we’ve code-named the latest version of the Newton applicant tracking system. The team here at Newton is very excited about the “new” version of Newton. Starting in April,  we will begin gradually rolling out the Next:Newton. Customers will receive plenty of notice. Next:Newton is the same simple, smart, safe applicant tracking system that you’ve come to rely on to organize and manage your recruiting efforts. Your workflows and processes will remain exactly the same; what’s changing is that Newton will be getting an enhanced “look and feel” and we’ve updated the technology platform that Newton currently lives on. To do this, we’re leveraging the internet’s latest technologies including HTML5.

What this means for you
Soon, Newton will be the only applicant tracking system that functions the same, no matter how you connect to the Internet. Whether you’re at the office on your computer, working remotely on your tablet or on the go with your smartphone, you’ll be able to access the same version of Newton. There aren’t any apps to download, nothing new to install and you won’t have to do any excessive scrolling, zooming, pinching and squinting to use Next:Newton.

It’s time to make sure your browser is compatible with Next:Newton.
Most versions of internet browsers are optimized for the new technologies we’ve adopted but there are a couple versions of Internet Explorer that aren’t HTML5 compatible. If you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari you’re all set. If you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer [“IE”] like IE 8 or 9, you’ll either want to consider using one of the browsers mentioned above or contact your IT team and request that they help you upgrade your version of Internet Explorer to version 10 or higher. They’re likely already anticipating have to make this upgrade.

Not sure what browser you’re using? 
Not sure what browser you are using? Visit to find out. If you’re still not sure or have other questions, please feel to reach out to our support team and we’ll help you out.

We’ll be in touch soon with more updates about Next:Newton availability.

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