More improvements to Newton’s applicant tracking system go live on November 24th.

Newton Upgrades Applicant Tracking System Today

Newton Upgrades Applicant Tracking System

Newton’s product team continues to work day and night on what we’re calling “The Next Newton”. Many of you are aware of the big changes coming to Newton early next year. For those of you that aren’t, Newton is getting a facelift that will significantly enhance the user interface and make it the only ATS that will natively work on any smart phone, tablet or computer (without requiring you to download an app!).

In the meantime, we will be adding a few more enhancements to Newton (and fixing a few bugs too).  You can expect the following improvements to be live on November 24th.

Key areas where you’ll notice improvements:
-Any User may Submit a Background Check: Now any user, not just Admin/Staffing Users, may be allowed to submit a background check. Contact our support team if you would like them to enable this functionality.
-Login Warning: “The Next Newton” is going to require an up to date browser. As such, you might see a message on the login screen advising you to upgrade. Start thinking about making the switch if you see it.
-Adjustments to Applicant Flow Logs: Applicant Flow Logs will now export in one big excel sheet, instead of one sheet per job. This should make it much easier to analyze your AA data.
-Better Email Delivery: The chance of your mail getting caught by a spam blocker should be reduced to almost zero.

Big things brewing at Newton:

Our team is continues to work on the biggest release in the history of Newton. “The Next Newton” will be more beautiful, even faster and will be available anywhere you have an internet connection…anywhere.

The next generation of Newton will be a game-changer not just for you but for the entire HR Tech industry. Yes. It’s that big. Watch for more announcements and an expected release date in early 2014 (not that long from now).


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