Tips for choosing an applicant tracking system to promote OFCCP compliance

OFCCP regulations are specifically for companies with federal contracts but it’s the responsibility of every US employer to avoid employment discrimination. In today’s connected world where applicants can easily apply to job openings with a few mouse clicks, using a spreadsheet to track compliance information accurately is nearly impossible. And as the volume of recruiting data only continues to increase, employers must take steps to help ensure that they remain compliant and do so as efficiently as possible.

There is good news. Tracking the information that will help employers maintain compliance has really never been easier as long as the right applicant tracking system is in the mix. With modern tools built by experts, employers now automate the capture, collection, storage and reporting of affirmative action data securely.

We created this infographic as a guide to help employers ask the compliance right questions when choosing applicant tracking software.

Choosing an Applicant Tracking System to Promote OFCCP Compliance

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