Newton’s social media recruiting applications shine.  Simple, smart, safe, integrated social recruiting tools for small and medium-sized employers.

Newton’s social media recruiting applications provide employers with simple, smart, safe ways to leverage the relationships that people build with your brand. All of our social media tools are fully integrated with Newton, our leading applicant tracking system and employers use them at no addition cost.

The Newton Now Hiring App

The Newton Now Hiring Social Media Recruiting Application: Get a Branded Facebook Career Site

The Now Hiring App: Branded Facebook Career Sites

The Now Hiring App provides future employees with a place to connect with your organization using a branded Facebook Career Site. Put your jobs and employment brand in front of millions of passive candidates on their favorite social network. Newton’s Now Hiring App offers a quick and easy way for any employer using Newton’s applicant tracking software to leverage Facebook and advertise job openings for free.

Specifically, the Now Hiring App provides an easy way for:

-Employers to post jobs to Facebook to reach their most relevant applicants: the community that follows the brand’s Facebook page.

-Employers to seamlessly capture resumes and online application data, track metrics, collect voluntary affirmative action data and more.

-Applicants can apply to, as well as share and ‘like’ job opportunities advertised by employers who are using the Now Hiring App.

Set up takes minutes and employers can create a fully-branded Facebook career site with an easy to use editor built in to the app. Best of all, The Now Hiring App comes with a base Newton account at no additional charge. And ,the app is seamlessly integrated into the Newton applicant tracking system so employers don’t need to buy or set up any third party app.


Mobile, Social, Gamified

Mobile, Social, Gamified

The Gravity App: A Social, Mobile, Gamified Employee Referral App

The Gravity App is an employee referral tracking software application that’s social, mobile and engaging. Employers create referral programs to recognize and reward employees that take an active part in the hiring process. Gravity makes it easy for every employee to share jobs, vouch for the applicants they know and receive incentives for being a team player.

The Gravity App for Employees

-The Gravity App is a social referral software integrated with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Employees sign up in less than a minute and all they need is a corporate email address.

-Newton’s Gravity App was designed for mobile. Employees can share jobs from any device, anytime, anywhere.

-Alerts are sent to employees announcing that there are new jobs to share. And, your employer will also let you know if there is a referral bonus available.

-Employees earn rewards and points by choosing to like, post, and share jobs with their connections. They also earn points when referrals apply and when they are hired (the prizes and rewards are determined by the employer).

-When a someone applies to a job you shared, you’ll get an email asking you to vouch for the applicant (you don’t have to if you don’t want to). You’ll always know who’s using your name to get a job, and when someone gets hired you’ll receive an alert.

The Gravity App for Employers

-Invite employees to sign up with the Gravity app. Sign-up takes about 1 minute. All they need is a corporate email address. And, your employees don’t even need to be registered users of the Newton applicant tracking system.

-The Gravity app will host a monthly leader board and will track all-time performance too. Employers have the flexibility to create monthly referral competitions and recognize all time referral leaders.

-Your employees can receive an email when there are new jobs that are added to the employee referral program and ready to share.

-When a referral applies, employees can vouch for applicants and the response will be privately stored in Newton so that your HR team can review it discretely.

-If your company offers referral rewards, Gravity makes it easy to advertise and manage these rewards. Employers can even assign specific rewards for specific jobs.

-Export reports to reward monthly leaders, track referrals, and manage referral rewards.

The Gravity App is seamlessly integrated into the Newton applicant tracking system so employers don’t need to buy or set up any third party tool to manager an employee referral program.

Newton’s social media recruiting applications are simple, smart, safe and successful. See for yourself.

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