Recruiting Analytics: Hiring is about timing. How’s yours?

Recruiting Analytics

How long does it take your team to process new applicants?

How long does it take your hiring managers to review resumes?

How long does it take to move an applicant through each stage of your recruiting process?

 What is your average time to hire? By department? By recruiter? By manager?

Newton has the answers. 

Newton is an applicant tracking system that delivers powerful recruiting analytics to answer the most commonly asked questions about recruiting. Using innovative reporting dashboards, Newton users monitor and track recruiting performance at a glance.

Learn more about Newton’s recruiting analytics here.

Newton’s reporting features empower you to zoom into areas that interest you in real-time. Interactive, easy-to-read graphs and charts allow you to drill into your recruiting program and tell you the story behind important events and trends.

Learn more about Newton’s recruiting dashboards here.

Need customer reports? Newton is equipped with a custom reporting engine that features a drag and drop interface to ensure anyone can create reports fast. Once you create a report, you can run it, save it and export it anytime.

See for yourself

Learn why over 700 employers rely on our cloud-based applicant tracking software just click here to schedule a demo with a Newton specialist.

Visit for more information or to contact Newton.


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