Captain Candidate

Captain Candidate, a must have for any super recruiter! Convincing huh? We didn’t make this stuff up. The Captain Candidate action figure was marketing swag sent to one of our “Super Recruiter” friends back in the day by Yahoo Hotjobs. Membah them? No? They were kind of a big deal until Yahoo! bought them in 2002 for $436 million. After a couple of years of acting as a fairly autonomous business unit of Yahoo and battling heavy competition, Yahoo! Hotjobs was sold off to in 2010 for $225 million.

Captain Candidate and Super Recruiter were produced for Yahoo! by Happy Worker, a specialty toy and gift company.  The concept seemed pretty cool and the action figures are pretty neat swag. Apparently, Captain Candidate, our friend above, was the ideal candidate back in 2006 “but by no means rare to Yahoo! Hotjobs’ superpowered search and match technology”. In case you are wondering, Captain Candidate came with:

Finger ‘O Power: a Cheerleading aid

Perfect Portfolio: Packed with a bulletproof resume, glowing references, and credible credentials

Whine Jammer: A gun that turned any workplace into a no whine zone ( any sort of gun has since been banned in most workplaces)

Top Talent Transmitter: a computer that provided a direct link to Yahoo Hotjobs’ immense range of online job postings.

Oh snap, we found Super Recruiter too. She’s on Amazon and here is the not so sexy backstory. It’s hard to make out from this Ebay listing but, it appears that the Super Recruiter only came with a mobile marketing machine and not an amazing applicant tracking system. Maybe that’s why she moved over to a comp and benefits position.



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