Newton Tune Up

Newton’s applicant tracking system just got even faster. A couple of times a year our product team makes improvements to Newton that you can’t see, but that make our ATS work better. On Monday, we activated a performance release that increased the overall performance of Newton by over 150%.

Key areas where you’ll notice the most improvements to Newton’s ATS:

– Analytics

– Reporting

– Thank You Letters

– Home Page

Why does Newton do performance releases?

– These scheduled “tune-ups” provide our team with the opportunity to discover areas for improvement before they become problems.

– We are constantly adding features, and all of these upgrades are intertwined. As such, we always want to have a high performing platform that allows all the parts to work together smoothly.

– We want a finely tuned engine for what we are about to do next.

– Faster is better.

Coming Soon: the “next Newton”

Right now our team is working on the biggest release in the history of Newton’s ATS. The “next Newton” will be beautiful, faster and will be available anywhere you have an internet connection…anywhere.

The next generation of Newton will be a game-changer not just for you but for the entire HR Tech industry. Yes. It’s that big. Watch for more announcements and an expected release date soon

Also, we’re launching new features and enhancements to the Gravity App, our employee referral app, this fall.



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