New in Newton's Applicant Tracking System

New in Newton’s Applicant Tracking System

We’ve added more new features to Newton’s applicant tracking system today. In an upgrade made over the weekend, Newton’s product team pushed several notable features to Newton’s recruiting software that will undoubtedly make many customers very happy.

And, we’re not done. On July 8th, Newton’s applicant tracking software will include a mobile, social employee referral app designed to include elements of “gamification” to improve employee engagement. 




TODAY: Time-Delayed Thank You Letters
Sometimes you just don’t want to send that rejection right away, and you want to let it rest for a few days. With this feature, you can do just that. Now when you pass on a candidate you can ask Newton to send the Thank You Letter tomorrow, the next day, or even a week later.

TODAY: Budget Info Cloning
When Admin and Staffing Users “Clone” jobs, Newton will copy over the budget info too.

TODAY: Analytics Upgrades
We’ve made more performance enhancements to improve the speed of analytics, and there will be more to come in the next couple of weeks.

TODAY: Candidate Breakdown
You can now collapse sections of the Candidate Breakdown. What does that mean? It means that, for example, if you don’t want to view the “hires” section of the Candidate Breakdown you don’t have to. Just click the little “-“ icon and that section will close up for you.

COMING JULY 8th: Gravity, an Employee Referral App
The Newton Gravity App is an employee referral application that’s social, mobile and engaging. Employers create referral programs to recognize and reward employees that take an active part in the hiring process. Gravity makes it easy for every employee to share jobs, vouch for the applicants they know and receive incentives for being a team player. And, best of all, the Gravity app is fully integrated with Newton’s applicant tracking system and users will receive this upgrade for FREE!


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