Newton March Madness Winner

Winner winner chicken dinner. It’s official. Todd Ciampa won the annual Newton Software March Madness Bracket Challenge. What makes this man tick? How did he do it? I get these answers and more in the exclusive interview below.


[JP]  First, congratulations. You beat out the largest field ever this year. Tell me your story. Tell me about you Todd.

[TC]  Currently, I am the Director of Talent Acquisition at Novotus, a leading recruiting solutions provider. I began my recruiting career in 2000 in the hustle and bustle of the dot com boom as an agency based IT Recruiter placing software developers in Orange County, CA. Today, I run our IT recruiting delivery team comprised of highly skilled recruiters and sourcers delivering on large scale and transactional projects with customers across the US and EMEA. In my spare time, I love to cook, play golf, watch any sport other than hockey or soccer and I LOVE THIS JOB!


[JP]  Describe your bracketology.

[TC]  I don’t watch college basketball unless its the tournament.  I watch ESPN daily though and keep abreast of rankings, league champs, who’s hot, etc.  I pick with my gut and my heart and guess at some upsets. I got lucky this year.


[JP]  Is this your first fantasy sports win?

[TC]  Negative.  I won the my very first fantasy football season in 1999 and won another bracket this year too!


[JP] Have you ever actually been to a basketball game? If so when?

[TC] One college game it was like USC vs Long Beach State…10+ years ago.  I try and see the Lakers live at least once a year.


[JP]  What’s something your co-workers don’t know about you?

[TC]  I love rom coms and I cry at the end of Field of Dreams.


[JP]  When you’re not on the phone or in a meeting, what music do you crank?

[TC]  Punk Rock


[JP]  If you could have any job what would it be?

[TC]  Professional baseball player.  First base for the Angels.


[JP]  What’s you favorite feature of Newton?

[TC] Echo


[JP]  If you could add any feature to the Newton applicant tracking system what would it be?

[TC]  Echo is huge…our Hiring Managers want efficiency and scheduling and providing feedback via email will be awesome!



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