Mission: Improve Recruiting Process

Newton is the brainchild of recruiting professionals (that’s us) that launched the product in 2009. Since day, one we’ve been on a mission to build an applicant tracking system that improves process. We wanted to design something that would make rolling out, ramping up, managing, and improving corporate hiring programs easier. We wanted something that offered a more collaborative experience for all users. And, we needed something that was simple and easy-to-use so people would actually use it.

Today, the recruiting software market is hot. Just look at the latest numbers. There are over 300 new companies tagged with “recruiting” on CrunchBase alone. Shiny tools are popping up every week that promise to optimize or disrupt some aspect of recruiting or another. What was a space all but ignored by investors is now in the spotlight. Responsive applications that promise to mobilize, socialize and gamify recruiting are all over the web but none ever make mention of actually improving the recruiting process. I guess that kind of talk isn’t that sexy.

Our mission to improve the recruiting process for employers has never really been perceived as cool or sexy. In fact, even the mere mention of the word process often causes eyes to glaze over. But that doesn’t stop us. Having run corporate recruiting programs for over 15 years prior with paper resumes, email, spreadsheets, legacy software, sparse resources, demanding hiring managers and even more demanding executives, we understand that good process is actually as important as it gets. That’s why we obsess over designing Newton to be the best process manager possible instead of constantly chasing the next new potentially disruptive trend.

To be clear, I am not dissing or dismissing mobile, social and gamification. I do know that despite all the shiny new tools on the market, recruiting is still tough for  employers. And,when recruiting technology does well what 80% of users do all the time, it truly lives up to it’s potential. More users means more data. More data yields better analytics. Better analytics help employers find bottlenecks and issues before they become bigger problems. Sounds pretty sexy to me.

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