Choosing an applicant tracking system to promote EEO / OFCCP compliance can be a daunting experience. OFCCP regulations are confusing enough and most employers realize that manually tracking all of the information needed to run a compliant recruiting program is not an option anymore. We created this infographic as a guide to help you ask the right questions when choosing applicant tracking software for your organization. Knowing what to look for and understanding the right questions to ask is a great first step. We also strongly encourage you to take the time to see compliance functionality in action so you’ll understand how everything works once your ATS is live. This is important stuff; don’t just take a salesperson’s word for it or leave anything to chance.

Choosing an Applicant Tracking System to Promote EEO / OFCCP Compliance

Choosing an Applicant Tracking System to Promote EEO / OFCCP Compliance

Our experience with OFCCP compliance tracking for small and medium-sized employers

Over the years, we’ve worked with labor attorneys, affirmative action experts, HR professionals, customers and even present and former OFCCP compliance officers to ensure that Newton collects, tracks, stores and reports the correct information employers need to stay safe. Nearly 12% of Newton’s customers are GSA or sub-GSA contractors so designing SAFE software is a must. And, we’re proud to know that several of our customers have leaned on Newton to help them successfully complete OFCCP audits. At Newton, we believe that small employers deserve the best business technology available. And, for small and medium-sized businesses that are in growth mode, what could be more important than having a simple, online system that allows people to work smarter not harder while keeping them in safe and in compliance? That’s why we build Newton:  a SIMPLE, SMART, SAFE applicant tracking system that employers love to rely on.


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