Improve Your Recruiting Process Through Lean Hiring


Our new Get Lean Infographic: Easy Steps to Improve Your Recruiting Process outlines the lastest approach to lean recruiting, the methodology smart employers are deploying to make corporate recruiting more efficient and effective. As former corporate recruiters, we know that a systematic approach to recruiting increases visibility, accountability and overall productivity (all of the “ivities”). And, as designers of applicant tracking systems, we recognize that just adding more applicants to the funnel doesn’t solve recruiting problems. After all, you’re not making sausage here. Here are some simple steps to get lean.

Simplify everything.

Smart employers realize that the easiest way to hire better people faster is to simplify the recruiting process by eliminating wasted steps, paper forms, complicated approval processes and anything else that creates unnecessary friction for applicants, recruiters and hiring managers. We suggest auditing your recruiting process periodically to find unnecessary steps, wasted activities and general bottlenecks Review the entire recruiting process starting from the initial job approval to requesting a background check and making an offer. Now, get out the red pen and remove anything that creates a bottleneck.

Drive decisions.

For nearly every employer, the hiring process is comprised common stages like phone screens and interviews that are driven by a series of yes and no decisions that act as stage-gates. It’s 2013, if you are not promoting collaboration by now, you need to start. Share decision making responsibility amongst recruiters, HR and hiring managers in a streamlined, consistent manner. By sharing responsibility and collaborating, you are creating a natural supply chain of events. Not only will it be easier to recognize bottlenecks but the visibility you’ve created will naturally promote accountability. Remember, hiring is a team sport. Everyone has a role.

Be consistent.

Build your process, encourage decision making and be consistent.Do as much as you can the same way every time. Ultimately, consistency drives more than just efficiency or cost reductions; it’s also critical for promoting compliance and contributing to measurable analytics. You can’t gather data of any sort (performance or compliance) without a consistent process. Only a lean recruiting process with well-defined stages will efficiently capture all the required compliance outputs, bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

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