This past week Kris Dunn, a popular Blogger and recruiting expert, recognized as a best source for candidates citing Gerry Crispin’s annual The Source of Hire Report. In his recent post on The HR Capitalist, Kris provided first-hand data from a search that he recently conducted for a Vice President of HR stating that almost every direct reply came from Indeed. I am not surprised.

At Newton, we’ve been running metrics on source of hire since 2009. While our entire customer base is comprised of small and medium-sized employers (30-2500 FTEs on average) and Crispin’s Source of Hire Report surveys 200 much larger employers, the reported data in Newton is nearly identical to the data in Gerry’s report. is responsible for nearly 30% of all of the hires made by employers using Newton’s applicant tracking system. Gerry’s report has the number slightly higher. Having read a couple of posts from other ATS vendors, this seems to be right in line with what the broader market is experiencing. Indeed is the best source for candidates for nearly every size employer currently.

Fortunately for Newton customers, is free and employers can post as many unique jobs as needed to the world’s largest job search engine. Posting jobs through Newton takes one mouse click and jobs are automatically removed from the job board when filled or closed. Sponsored jobs (pay-per-click) are handled directly through Indeed and are quite easy to set up on the site.

You can check out Kris Dunn’s blog here. While you’re at it check out Gerry Crispin’s Source of Hire Report. If you can’t get enough of HR and recruiting blogs, bookmark The Cynical Girl blog. Good stuff.

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