This has been a big week for Newton Software. We’ve released a new website that makes it easier for employers to compare applicant tracking systems.

Our new website went live on Sunday. We started out thinking that we were going to do a little nip and tuck and ended up with a full “Joan Rivers“. Newton’s new site continues our commitment to “showing people product“. If you’ve visited our site before, you’ll notice new colors, a new logo, new videos, new infographics, real pictures our team and even a glimpse of our hot sauce collection.

Our team encourages visitors to explore our product pages as they highlight many of the thoughtful features that make Newton the simple, smart, safe choice for small and medium-sized employers looking to implement applicant tracking software. Videos provide mini-demonstrations of the functionality that has made Newton one of the most popular and highly adopted recruiting platforms since 2009 when we launched the product.

We’re also proud (and honored) to spotlight real users and members of the Newton community who endorse our recruiting software and share their experiences with both our technology and our fast, friendly, free support. We’ve always focused on making our users successful and we sincerely appreciate the public display of support. We fell that testimonials mean so much more than just a company tombstone or logo on a website.

Bookmark our site and visit again soon. We ship far more enhancements to our applicant tracking system than any other vendor in our industry. We successfully released 8 major enhancements to Newton in 2012. We’re even trying to squeeze in 1 more big upgrade before the end of the year. Currently, we’re just finishing the plan for our 2013 roadmap and it’s aggressive. As new functionality is announced, we’ll update the new home of Newton Software.

Newton Software is a leading developer of applicant tracking systems designed to organize and improve internal recruiting programs for small and medium-sized employers (30-2500 employees). The company was started in 2009 with the goal of “consumerizing” applicant tracking technology by making powerful technology that is easy-to-use, easy-to-purchase and easy-to-activate. Today, Newton is used by over 500 employers that enjoy great service, free support, intuitive product design and constant upgrades.


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