The Now Hiring App is a Facebook application for employers. It creates a fully-branded careers page in a “Tab” on a Facebook page so employers can do the following and more.
  • Post jobs to Facebook to reach relevant candidates: the folks that follow your company.
  • Post jobs, share jobs, capture applicants and track referrals automatically with Newton.
  • People that view your jobs can apply for them, share them with friends and even “like” them.
  • Think of this App as creating a mirror-image of your company’s careers page on Facebook.
Already using Now Hiring? Here’s what’s new…
  • Choose a job to post to your timeline and modify the title, caption and description of the post.
  • There is now a “share” link on every job that you post so people can share your jobs and make them viral.
  • If a job is no longer available, an in-tab dialog alerts the user that they’ll be shown all of your posted jobs.
Wait there are a couple of other things…
  • We’re about to overhaul our website so you’ll notice a new look and feel soon. Don’t be alarmed.
  • You’ll be hearing from us again shortly with announcement of more new features, our 9th applicant tracking software release of the year!

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