For employers, generating new ways to get jobs in front of relevant talent is an ongoing battle. While we don’t necessarily believe job boards are dead and we’re not going to tell you that social recruiting is the silver bullet. We do believe that making your jobs available on social networking sites like Facebook is a good opportunity to reach job seekers. We also believe that Facebook is quickly becoming more relevant to the overall recruiting discussion. Read some commentary here.

Newton Software’s Now Hiring App is for employers. It creates a fully-branded careers page in a “Tab” on a Facebook page so employers can:
1. Post jobs to Facebook to reach relevant candidates: folks that follow your company.
2. Post jobs, share jobs, capture applicants and track referrals automatically with Newton.

Employers that use Newton’s applicant tracking software can now use NOW HIRING for free.

Interested? Check our Facebook Page here.

Here is our NOW HIRING page.  Click it to visit our jobs. Our engineering team did a good job with this. The interactions are fast and smooth.

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