Newton is a modern applicant tracking system, designed to give you and your team unparalleled visibility into your recruiting program from day one. Starting right from your Home Page, Newton presents an easy-to-read dashboard that serves as air-traffic control for your recruiting program. Just log in and see:

  • All of the open jobs that you are responsible for
  • All of the active applicants in the pipelines for those jobs organized by stage of the interview process
  • A notification of any new applicants that need to be reviewed
  • Any important approval processes that you should be aware of
  • and more….

View, manage and organize jobs by priority, departments, locations, and business units from one centralized dashboard. Now you can stay on top of what’s happening in recruiting with a glance without any clicking around.  And, your home page is also available when you’re on the go with Newton Touch, our mobile platform.

Newton also provides analytics dashboards for users that want to check on recruiting performance at-a-glance. View real-time performance metrics from one interactive dashboard and in just seconds learn more about conversion rates, best sources of applicants, and even pinpoint bottlenecks and issues before they become bigger problems.


With the ability to see what’s happening in your recruiting process you’ll have the control to continuously make improvements and with all of your data at your fingertips online you’ll have the power to make informed decisions about how to better manage your recruiting program.

Contact Newton Software to learn more about applicant tracking software that provides powerful recruiting dashboards.

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