People choose Newton, our  applicant tracking software specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, because it’s easy-to-use and intuitive – really.  The funny thing is, every recruiting software vendor claims that their ATS is easy-to-use. Makes sense. As a vendor, you can’t  advertise that your product is confusing but has some other feature or functionality that may be  initially appealing  to buyers. And while some buyers are convinced that they need this or that feature, at the end of the day everyone still needs to weigh everything against one questions: will the employees at our company use this tool? If’ it’s truly easy-to-use, they will. And, if they use it, you’ll gain the organization, efficiency and insights you need.

Once the decision is made to select Newton, it’s time to eat our own cookin’. One of the first things we tell any customer when they choose Newton is, “If you don’t understand something, no matter how small, it’s our fault, not yours. Let us know.” We ENCOURAGE technical support emails and phone calls. Yes, we’re being serious. We’re sure some of our peers think that we’re crazy for offering training and support for free. We think they’re crazy for trying to charge for training whether it’s the initial go-live training or follow-on and “refresher” training. If the applicant tracking system is truly easy-to-use, it should be easy to train users. Period. If it’s easy to train users, it shouldn’t be viewed as a profit center. Applicant tracking software training should always be free for small and medium-sized businesses. After all, you were promised that this would be easy.

At Newton, we don’t expect you to have any problems getting started or running our applicant tracking software, however, we also make it our priority to provide fast, friendly and free ATS training and support for all of our customers. And, if you used Newton for a while and want to get back on the rails with “refresher training” it’s always free and our Services team is happy to help. Add a new Administrative User like a new recruiter? Free training. Have some turnover in HR? Free training. Our motto, message and focus has remained the same since the beginning:  “If you don’t understand something, no matter how small, it’s our fault not yours.  Let us know.” There, we’ve said it again.

Finally, we view training as an opportunity.  Our teams value  feedback and absorb it in order to understand where users are getting confused. This allows our product team to continually engineer complexity out of the product. We realize that our customers are the best gauge of how to improve our product – so we take suggestions seriously.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few highlights of what real people have to say about Newton. And. there are plenty of other endorsements on our LinkedIn Products Page. Just click here to see for yourself.

“Newton is a great system!! It’s easy to use and gets our hiring managers more involved in the recruitment process. The Newton team has been more than helpful in getting our employees trained in Newton. I would recommended this software to any recruiter.”


“Prior to selecting Newton as our ATS, I was on the cusp of selecting Taleo, but am thankful that Newton came to my attention and I’ve not looked back since. I’ve used several ATS systems in my career – PC Recruiter, iCIMS, CBIZ – none were as user-friendly as Newton. I look forward to a long relationship with the Newton team.”


“I’ve been in recruiting for years, and of all the applicant tracking systems I’ve used (7 total), Newton is by far the best. It’s easy for everyone to grasp, even the technically challenged, it makes sense. Newton provides free training and great customer service.”


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