Today we announced our newest feature, seamlessly integrated background checks.

Newton Applicant Tracking Software Press Release

Solving a real problem for employers

The research we conducted as part of this release confirmed what we had experienced as recruiting leaders for the past decade, the current pre-employment screening process is  inefficient and the service as a standalone is highly commoditized. Having been recruiters, our team understands that applicant tracking software marks the beginning of the talent chain and there are important processes that should be integrated seamlessly to improve efficiency, create transparency and track spend.  To date,  the majority of applicant tracking software vendors have treated integrations as an afterthought, forcing users to clunky integration pages and even insisting on batch data dumps. Today, the inefficiencies surrounding background checks has been solved.

Making background checks easier and safer

With this release, we’ve productized and systematized background checks. As such, we built a sophisticated, real-time update, audit and exception management tool inside of Newton. And, for the fulfillment end, we carefully selected vendors (our preferred partners) that have the technology today to connect with Newton seamlessly and are willing and able to provide our customers with significant additional value such as capturing release forms and PII (DOB, SSN#, etc) from applicants. This not only makes background checks simple to initiate, it also makes the entire process safer for employers by shifting the requests for sensitive data to background check providers, not employers’ HR departments. We then audit the entire process to provide real-time status for every background check requested, started and completed (or not completed) taking one of Newton’s key differentiators, transparency creation, to the next level.

Our team is obsessed with building technology that makes hiring easier

The team at Newton Software continues to be obsessed with improving the areas of hiring that have been the hardest for employers to optimize like hiring manager collaboration and decision making, easy job approvals, at-a-glance recruiting performance indicators, automated applicant notifications and now, pre-employment screens. This year we’ve got an aggressive release schedule aimed at more of the same – to solve the problems that make hiring difficult. We may not be reinventing the wheel. We’re just giving hiring an easier ride one thoughtful feature at a time.

Read the full press release here

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