Get ready for fully integrated background checks done right. Click one button in Newton, our popular, easy-to-use applicant tracking software and you’ll initiate a background check with one of our premium pre-employment screening partners.

Your applicants will get a fully-branded email (with your logo / brand) that will include a secure link to authorization information and more so they can provide and confirm sensitive information to help complete the screening process.

Our premium integrated background check functionality will be available soon.

We’ve been thinking about integrations an awful lot recently. What we’ve realized is that integration comes in many forms.  Everyone has different ideas about what integration means.  At Newton Software, we have an approach we’ve coined the “S4” approach (simple, smart, safe and stable) and all of the integrations that we design, build and support use this methodology. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements regarding integrations that will empower people to streamline processes.

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