Newton is the simple, smart, safe recruiting platform designed by recruiting professionals to help you hire.

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Infographic: The Evolution of Newton Software


We like pictures. They tell a story. Our story is unique. Newton is designed by recruiting industry veterans to solve the problems that haven’t yet been adequately addressed by other vendors.  In short, we were  frustrated with existing corporate applicant tracking software so we decided to do something about it. Instead of trying to compete in the “feature arms race”, we focused on usability and simplicity not fads, not gimmicks. Today, our mission remains the same as the day we decided to build this company,  to help internal recruiting departments become more efficient, more effective, more strategic – leaner!

About Joel Passen

Joel is the Head of Marketing at Newton Software, a technology company that designs applicant tracking software for small and medium-sized employers. Joel has been involved with the intersection of technology and recruiting his entire career.