Newton Software was featured this week by internet blogger and digital strategist, Allen Gannett, in an article for The Next Web, one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture.

Gannett’s article titled “The 3 secrets behind the enterprise tech gold rush” focused on the massive delivery model changes in the  $267 billion enterprise technology market. Gannet points out that “there is a convergence today between the rise of the cloud, the consumerization of IT, and the adoption of SaaS models” that’s creating exciting new companies that deliver mission critical technology to business consumer like never before.

In the post, Gannett mentions Newton saying, “After years of resistance, the dam has broken, and enterprises have now decided that they need the cloud and are adopting it en masse. One study found that 77% of enterprises are now using some form of the cloud. Entrepreneurs are taking notice and building significant, disruptive companies in response. One example is Newton’s cloud-based job applicant tracking software that saw 1,000% revenue growth in 2010, and 600% growth in 2011.”

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