Indeed finally unveiled its resume search service officially taking them from the world’s largest search engine for jobs to a more conventional employment site. We say bring it on. Indeed has always done a good job at keeping their tools easy-to-use and with the added functionality, we’re glad someone is giving the traditional sites (Monster, CareerBuilder) a run for their money.  With that in mind, the resume search service on is free (for now).

The resume search is a straightforward search tool, identical to the site’s job search. Searches can be easily narrowed by simply selecting from a menu that appears with search results. We think one of the coolest features is the ability to roll over a job seekers name to reveal a preview of the resume without a click.  Nice design.

Job seekers will appreciate the simplicity of the system. It accepts all forms of resumes and will import a user’s LinkedIn profile. Users can elect to keep the resume private and not findable in a search, or make it public. In the latter case, the contact information is stripped out. Employers use a form to contact the job seeker, who decides whether or not to respond. Job seekers can also apply to jobs they find on Indeed with their resume.

As with any candidate profile, Newton users can simply cut and paste a profile of the applicant into the system and use the parsing engine to add a candidate to their applicant tracking software.

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