A preview of Newton’s Job Approval feature

In just a couple of weeks,  we’re going to announce the availability of our newest feature in Newton, Job Approval.  We’ve spent several months scoping, designing, redesigning and testing our Job Approval feature and we’re certain it’s going to provide a ton of value for our clients. We could have just built our Job Approval process like every other ATS vendor. It would have taken a lot less time and energy.  But, true to Newton form, we wanted to make the feature easier for everyone to use from hiring managers, to approvers, to administrators. And, having used clunky approval processes in the past ourselves, we want to build something that we’d want to use if we were still in recruiting and HR.

First, here ‘s a little background if you’re not familiar with the notion of Job Approval.

What is a job approval process?

A job approval process allows hiring managers and supervisors to request approval for a requisition. The requested job is then put through an email driven approval process before it can be activated.

What are the top reasons companies need a  job approval process?

Consistency:  Organizations want to ensure that when there is a request to add headcount, a consistent audit process is initiated.

Control:  Human resource teams want to ensure that the appropriate audits are completed before resourcing the recruiting process to fill a job.

Readiness: In addition to being certain that they are working on approved requisitions,  recruiters like the visibility that a job approval process creates. They know what reqs are coming down the pike.


Sometimes, I hear people comment that Newton has ‘made a better mousetrap’.  That’s flattering and frankly, we try. After all, applicant tracking software isn’t a new concept. We’re not creating a new category here. We’re building modern technology that works better.  So in that spirit, here are some of the considerations that we took into account when our team designed Newton’s Job Approval feature.

We look at Job Approval as a simple matter of checks and balances.

Visibility: Until now, job approvals have been difficult to track as they go from one person to the next person to the next with very little visibility. As a result, jobs get parked/locked in someone’s inbox and take too long to get approved.  Administrators of Newton’s Job Approval feature will always have a dashboard to oversee approval processes in real time so they can address bottlenecks before they become log jams.

Automation: It is time consuming to forward approval requests from one person to the next manually. In Newton, once approval processes are set, the platform will automate the distribution of approvals to promote efficiency.

Transparency:  Think about the very nature of the term ‘approval’. Users need proof that jobs  are authorized by proper authorities before finance is asked for budget.  Newton creates complete transparency so approvers know who else has ‘touched the gun.

Flexibility: The Job Approval processes that we used as recruiters back in the day were rigid and clunky, designed as a one size fits all solutions.  We designed Newton’s Job Approval feature to be dynamic. Whether your organization that needs an agile, just-in-time process or rules-based, sequential Job Approval functionality, there’s a workflow in Newton that will easily work for you.

Stay tuned for a general availability announcement soon.

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