One of the first things we tell any customer when they choose Newton, our popular applicant tracking software is, “If you don’t understand something, no matter how small, it’s our fault, not yours. Let us know.” We ENCOURAGE technical support emails and phone calls. Yes, we’re being serious. The hardline, old school enterprise software folks tell us that we’re crazy but we’ve always had a problem with authority and, frankly, we haven’t met too many customers that love their legacy vendor. Most importantly, having been customers of other ATS vendors in the past, we’re not fans of long hold times, negative attitudes and cookie cutter responses.


At Newton, we don’t expect you to have any problems getting started or running our applicant tracking software, however, we also make it our priority to provide fast, friendly and free technical support for all of our customers.  Our motto has remained the same since the beginning:  “If you don’t understand something, no matter how small, it’s our fault not yours.  Let us know.” There, we’ve said it again.


Not only does Newton want customers to email or call when they have the slightest problem, but we also encourage customer feedback.  Our “support driven” design team thrives on taking customer’s suggestions about making a better product and implementing them within each successive software update.  We realize that our customers are the best gauge of how to improve our product – so we take suggestions seriously.


Given our commitment to customer service, we’re proud to see that our customers have some great reviews and feedback on our support system.  Here are a few highlights of what they had to say:


    • Catia O’Neill, a human resources professional, commented on Newton’s ‘support driven’ design team: “During the implementation process we contacted Newton several times for assistance with application and customization inquiries. Newton’s team always assisted me promptly. They always tried to go the extra mile in order to accommodate our special requests. If the customization request was not possible, Newton always tried to develop it later on. The thank you letters and the EEOC compliance features are two examples of their proactive approach.”
    • Newton’s response time and commitment to customer service was very important for Hannah Adams, a human resources manager:  “Newton has been extremely responsive and very helpful on the customer service side of things. When I contacted them originally I was pleasantly surprised that they provided such outstanding service.”
    • Ro Carbone, a VP of human resources, highlighted Newton’s general positive attitude when providing support for customers: “I tend to be a bit of a high-need client. To that end, I have dutifully pummeled the Newton folks with ongoing questions. And, yes, I have been known to ask the same question more than once. I have to say that I’ve never been made to feel technologically inferior or lazy when calling the Newton folks. And I can’t think of a time when someone wasn’t there to pick up the phone and give me relevant and accurate information in return. They are not only very responsive to clients, but tend to proactively reach out to see how things are going – for no other reason than to ensure things are going well.”


Many other applicant tracking vendors see their customer support as an ‘add-on’ to their software.  At Newton, we don’t believe in add-ons for our software or our support system. Every applicant tracking feature built into the software is meant to be useful and integral, just as our support process is a central part of the system.   Our customer support is built into our service to provide regular assistance as well as take customer feedback and utilize it to improve our product.


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