Since its inception in 2009, Newton has been the innovator in recruiting analytics offering customers the most advanced real-time recruiting analytics feature available.  Now, we’re happy to announce the availability of Newton’s custom reporting engine. You’ll still be able to intuitively dive into anything you want from your real-time analytics dashboard. But, for those of you that want to build, save and share customized reports, we’ve designed the applicant tracking software industry’s most powerful, easy-to-use custom reporting engine.

Report on candidate pipelines, user activity, requisitions, job postings, candidate sources, hires and more. Have a custom report that your company likes to use? Build it with Newton’s drag and drop interface, save it and run it anytime!

Reporting has traditionally been one of the biggest resource hogs. Knowing this, we created a reports-specific database in the Cloud just to run reports so crunching large data sets won’t slow you (or anyone else) down. Share recruiting metrics with anyone on your team. with one-click and you can export production quality reports to Excel.

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