We’ve always been interested in providing our customers with killer reporting features.  Today, Newton delivers the most advanced real-time recruiting analytics dashboard of any applicant tracking software available. Newton’s recruiting dashboards provide fast answers to the most common questions that come up in recruiting. Our interactive user interfaces tell a story and provide a level of visibility and accountability that help organizations avoid the recruiting for of war.

Applicant tracking software analytics dashboard

In a couple of weeks, we’re releasing our next generation reporting engine that will allow our customers to report on all information that Newton collects. Think of this as Newton Recruiting Metrics 2.0.  Our product team has designed an easy-to-use,drag and drop interface that allows users to create custom reports like:

Current Candidate Pipeline

User Activity Summaries

Active Job details

Job Posting Reports

Candidate Source Summaries and more

Applicant Tracking Software Recruiting Metrics

In a few short weeks, Newton users will create customer reports and export them to – get this – pre-formatted Excel documents or CSVs.  Yes, the reports will be formatted! We’re testing the Newton Analytics and Reporting release right now.  We’ll be releasing a feature video shortly and we’re demo’ing the release now!

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