When you are a marketing person, it’s easy to take what you perceive as ‘the little’ things for granted. Here’s an example.  The other day, a good customer sent us list of suggestions for our product. At the end of the list he added a marketing idea; put a list of all of the web browsers and OS logos that show which Newton is compatible with. Newton works on any browser on both Mac and PC platforms. You can bet that the next iteration of our home page will have some new logos.

Newton is applicant tracking software that works with any commercial web browser.  We specifically test Newton for use with Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s FireFox and Window’s Internet Explorer.  Newton works on Safari but who cares? Just sayin’. And, given that Newton is completely web based, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac or a PC, we’re platform independent – use Newton as you wish on either platform.

Out of curiosity, I took a poll to see what browser Newton employees prefer.
70% Chrome
30% FireFox

We all have IE installed on our machines.
We all have FireFox installed on our computers too.
Steve is the only one with Safari installed on his computer. He says it’s for testing Newton.

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