June is going to be a historic month around here.  We’re on track to sign up our 100th customer and more surprising (to some), we’re launching an online employment application feature. The online application forms are part of a solution that we’ll give you more details about when we officially launch our newest product (essentially a new recruitment software product for a special vertical).  How’s that for mysterious? In the meantime, organizations that want employment applications online – we’ve got’em.

What we can tell you is that the timing of our new features couldn’t be better. It’s undisputable. America’s entire labor pool is flocking to the internet for social interaction, play and, of course, to find jobs. But what about unskilled and manual labor jobs? Well, the majority of those positions are now online too and for good reason.  Internet job boards have almost completely replaced traditional print advertisements and this trend will only continue, soon eliminating print job advertisements all together.

The “digital divide” in the US is shrinking at a remarkable rate.  Thanks to the accessibility of broadband internet, $400 dollar personal computers, affordable hand-held computing devices and the widespread presence of computers in public spaces like libraries and state employment offices, more and more Americans are able to and prefer to conduct their job searches online.  With more applicants online, companies that require manual, hourly, seasonal and unskilled labor must take steps to move recruitment processes online too -and fast.  This starts with an online application process, the first mile to automating what has typically been an inefficient manual process.

We’ll leave it at that.

Here is a preview of Newton’s new online application form.

Newton Online Employment Application

Newton Online Employment Application

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