When we design features for Newton, we think first and foremost about what’s really going to help our users be more efficient. What can we do to automate those iterative tasks that cost people valuable time?

Phone screen requests, interview confirmations, request a writing sample, request references, give directions to the office, how many times have YOU written and sent the same email? Hundreds of times? Thousands? Well no more…

New to Newton is an email assistant that’s going to save you loads of  time. Simply create a template for those repetitive emails, click the email button, choose your template, add people to the email and even copy people via drag and drop. Click Send and that’s it. Done.

This is just one of many features that we’ve designed to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up recruiters to do what recruiters do best – talk to other humans.

We’re testing the Newton Email Assistant and other great features now. They’ll be live is just a few short weeks.

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