ned-logo1William Tincup, of the human capital marketing powerhouse, Starr Tincup, will join NED on April 16th. This is show is not to be missed.  William is a brilliant marketer that brings a fresh approach to both employment branding and marketing businesses in the human capital space.

William and the rest of the team at Starr Tincup have helped more than 150 clients in the human capital space innovate marketing. Whether you’re selling a new talent management solution, a whiz-bang HCM-oriented social media gizmo or good ol’ human resources consulting, these guys know your buyer – likely better than you do.  Starr Tincup wrote the book on human capital marketing.

We’ll start this show with William providing a “state of the union” of recruiting over the past year and we’ll dive into what to expect in the future.

When: Friday, April 16th at 11:30am EDT


Dial in to listen live: (646) 727-1372

Listen anytime:


About William Tincup:  William is a Principal at Starr Tincup, strategic marketing consultancy for human capital firms. His tombstone will read “harsh but fair”. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur and a sophisticated marketer. He’s  made thousands of mistakes in being both an entrepreneur and a marketer. Like most people, William tries to learn from all his experiences – good, bad and ugly.

About NED: NED is a series of interactive, web-based discussions sponsored by Newton Software, makers of Newton, popular, easy-to-use applicant tracking software. NED showcases recruiting industry influencers and innovators who share their tips, tools, techniques and knowledge with our diverse audience. Whether you’re a recruiter, HR professional, business leader or someone generally interested in talent acquisition, we provide valuable information relevant to the business of recruiting. Tune in live or catch up when it’s convenient.

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