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A Guide to Getting Started with Recruiting Analytics


Recruiting programs create an immense amount of information. Deciding what recruiting metrics to measure and analyze is daunting. If your organization is just beginning to look at recruiting performance or, if you’re trying to improve your existing recruiting analytics program, it’s best to start with the issues that affect performance the most – the basics.

I suggest starting with the fundamentals, the metrics that will help you immediately improve the service you provide your stakeholders. Take the “crawl before you walk” approach if you’re just getting started. And, if you’re already tracking data but not necessarily getting the most out of this information, perhaps it’s time to get back to the basics. Focus on using the information to improve the business function of recruiting.

About Joel Passen

Joel is the Head of Marketing at Newton Software, a technology company that designs applicant tracking software for small and medium-sized employers. Joel has been involved with the intersection of technology and recruiting his entire career.