Automated rejection letters aren’t a new thing. But, having used these features ourselves over the years, we felt it was time to reinvent them.

Introducing Newton Thank You Letters, they’ve been a long time coming. Now you can quickly and easily send automatic, stage specific thank you letters to any candidate that has ever applied to or interviewed for any job at your company without additional administrative work. And, best of all, the feature is smart so you’ll know if applicants are assigned to other jobs or have received previous thank you messages.

We designed this feature to be flexible, to save you time and to help you continually improve your recruiting program. So far, our beta users are really excited about Thank You Letters. And,the feedback from applicants has been overwhelmingly positive too. People love to know where they stand.

Our product team spent a lot of time working on the experience (both employer and applicant), the interface, the workflow, and the efficiency of this feature. Many variations and hundreds of little tweaks later, we’re pretty sure we nailed it. We hope you’ll agree.

Here are some Thank You Letter “highlights”.

  • Newton comes standard with pre-built, customizable, thank you letter templates for every stage of the recruiting process. There is a set of corporate templates and a set for each user to personalize.
  • Choose the email aliases from which to send Thank You Letters, corporate or personal email addresses.
  • Decide which members of your team are permitted to send thank you letters.
  • Preview and customize individual thank you letters easily before sending. Choose your desired email alias too.
  • Newton will alert you if an applicant is a duplicate,  interviewing for another role at your company and if they’ve received previous thank you messages.
  • Pending Thank You Letters are stored so you can send them later and even send them in bulk.  This gives HR / recruiting departments better control of the messaging.


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