This weekend we released an enhanced version of Newton’s ATS Analytics, our performance management dashboard. Not only have we made the dashboard more intuitive and easier to read, we also improved some of the algorithms making Newton more powerful than ever. Here are the improvements:

New ATS Analytics Dashboard for Recruiting


New Outflow Graphing:


The new “Outflows” graph shows you candidates that were inactivated, and candidates your company pursued including percentages for easy, at-a-glance reference.

Improved Candidate Source Tracking:


Newton now surfaces stage-to-stage applicant source information instantly. See where you are getting your applicants from in real-time. Take a deeper dive to see which sources give you the best candidates too.

Improved Time to Pursue Information:


Drill into your process, use the “Average Days to Pursue a Candidate Bar” to identify slow moving jobs, or “curve-busters” that skew your data. “Time to Pursue” is a great tool to identify stages in the recruiting process that may need your attention.

New Candidate Distribution Graph:


Easily identify which jobs are receiving the most or least activity. Newton now ranks each job by candidate flow—at every stage.

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