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New in Newton: Ask applicants to submit multiple documents during the job application process.

Today we released a new feature that allows you to ask applicants to submit additional documents during the job application process.  Now you can further customize your application process by hiding, requiring or giving applicants the option to upload additional documents when they apply to jobs.

To customize your application process, go to the “Administration” tab and then select “Careers Page”.
See all documents associated with each applicant including their original resume, cover letter, references, etc.

Now, when you are looking at an applicant in Newton, you will notice that on the bar above the applicant’s profile, there is a list of the documents associated with that applicant. For example, Bobby Filet has his original resume, a cover letter, and another document attached to his record. Upload any document to store with an applicant’s record. It’s easy!


About Joel Passen

Joel is the Head of Marketing at Newton Software, a technology company that designs applicant tracking software for small and medium-sized employers. Joel has been involved with the intersection of technology and recruiting his entire career.