We just made it easier to analyze your recruiting program using Newton. Now you’ll see a tab on your homepage called “Analytics” replacing the “Overview” tab. Click the recruiting analytics tab to open an interactive dashboard that will help you slice and dice you recruiting program. You can analyze your recruiting data based on a selected period of time or by job, or both.

This release, v3.6, is the first of several planned releases to tackle recruiting analytics. With a focus on measuring stage-to-stage metrics, we wanted to help our customers answer fundamental questions.

  • Where do I have bottlenecks?
  • Where can I get involved to make an immediate impact?
  • Is everyone in the process doing their part?
  • Am I spending money on the right resources?

Most importantly, we want to give our customers the power to know when something is going wrong before anyone else notices -to be proactive. After all, as John, our product manager, says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We hope you like it.

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