UNBOUND Technologies

UNBOUND Technologies

June 15, 2009 – UNBOUND Technologies offers marketers an unparalleled understanding of consumers and influencers inside the social networking ecosystem. UNBOUND enables users to fully grasp the size, depth and scope of the social media landscape, allowing marketers to discover and engage consumers where they learn, communicate and interact – online via social networks.

Because of the insights created by UNBOUND’s totally unique data, detailing how more than 260 million users utilize and organize on social networks, marketers can generate new ideas and provoke conversations.  With UNBOUND’s service companies can analyze the impact of their marketing and advertising messages and spend to influence brand profiles and buying behavior.

UNBOUND’s competitive drive to be the pioneer and market leader in social network intelligence has created exciting career opportunities for qualified candidates. Recruiting software from Newton Software allows UNBOUND to be organized, proactive and efficient so they can acquire the best talent easier and more consistently than less-prepared competitors.

“The social networking space is rife with opportunities and moving very quickly. It is critical that we attract the right talent and maintain a dynamic, efficient recruiting program. Newton’s built in workflow keeps our process on track and allows us to monitor our program in real time”, says Brian Killen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

For more information about UNBOUND Technologies visit their website:  www.unboundtech.com

About Newton Software
Newton Software is a technology company that develops smart, reliable, innovative business software. Our first product, Newton, is on-demand recruiting software developed to simplify the hiring process through smart technology. Newton is a native SaaS application that leverages Web 2.0 technology to empower companies of any size to create an efficient and effective recruiting process, which boosts productivity and lowers costs associated with hiring.

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