Newton vs iCIMS

iCIMS background and who are they?

iCIMS was founded in 1999. The current CEO is Colin Day. The company has private funding at a value of $92.58 million. The last round was $56.73 million in October 2015. Their headquarters are in Matawan, New Jersey and the products they offer is ATS (applicant tracking system) – Onboarding. They are offer software solutions and tools that unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCIMS, companies can manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application. Their focus is on user-friendly technology and customer experience.


What does iCIMS claim to offer?

Mobile Engagement

The company offers a mobile engagement platform called TextRecruit that leverages texting, live chat and AI to connect with applicants in ways.

Engaged Candidate Experience

iCIMS Connect is a CRM application that enables personalized communication, automated recruitment marketing and powerful event management.

Attraction and Hiring The Best

iCIMS Recruit is a applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines recruiting through advertising capabilities, collaboration tools and reporting with integration across the iCIMS suite and other HR systems.

Hiring Success

iCIMS Offer is an end-to-end offer management solution with automation and compliance tools built to minimize the risk of losing a hire.

Optimise the Candidate-To-Employee Transition

iCIMS Onboard engages new hires with onboarding portals, tasks and forms that improve their time to productivity.

All in One Platform

iCIMS UNIFi integrates all required recruiting solutions into one platform and provides access to providers through the iCIMS Marketplace to provide efficiency and flexibility in scaling a business.



Newton background and who are they?

Newton was founded in 2009. The company’s mission was to design software that they want to use, sell it how they want to buy it, and provide the level of support they would expect as customers. Newton was acquired by Paycor in December of 2015, allowing them to grow their team of product experts and engineers. Continued investment by Paycor enables helps them improve their product and provide superior support. Today, Newton is used by over 1500 HR teams on any given day.


What does Newton offer?

Attraction and Engagement

With Newton jobs can be displayed with one click, and acceptance of job applicants online can be done via a branded careers page as well as personalized automated emails. Here we take a look at their attraction and engagement side of things.

Careers Pages
Newton makes it easy to have a fully-branded careers site that matches a website to the T to enable hiring organizations to maintain brand standards without requiring many engineering resources

Free Job Postings

Newton is able to post to jobs with one click, for free. Newton clients can get their jobs on a site and searchable in seconds.

Employee Referrals

Newton offers rewards for employees for referrals with a fast, mobile-first, easy-to-use tool for sharing job openings with their numerous personal networks. This enables employers to easily tap into their employees’ networks, a great source of trusted applicants.

Resume Parsing

Newton comes with enterprise-grade resume parsing technology with nearly limitless input options, producing the most accurate results with no manual work, saving clients valuable time

Agency Manager

Newton also offer an Agency Manager that is a ready-to-use solution that will help manage applicants submitted by recruiting firms and staffing agencies, streamlining the applicant intake process across multiple sources.

Interview and Collaboration

Newton offer from intuitive dashboards that give visibility and control across the entire hiring process. Here we take a look at the topic of Interview and Collaboration.

Email templates and Automation

Newton is the only ATS that comes with over 90 expertly written recruiting emails built-in, enabling you to quickly communicate with applicants.

Tools for Hiring Managers

Newton can be used from any device, anywhere, and hiring managers can give feedback without a login. This level of convenience is why hiring manager adoption is so high.

Interview Guides and Scorecards

Newton’s Interview Guides and Scorecards improve new hire quality by enabling better preparation interview teams while also automating feedback collection following every interview.

Recruiting Dashboards

Newton offers comprehensive recruitment dashboards that immediately identify where candidates fall in a recruiting process.

Outlook and Gmail Interview Scheduling

Newton integrates with Outlook and Gmail, saving recruiters countless hours and headaches chasing candidates and hiring managers.

Advanced Candidate Search

Newton offers an Advanced Candidate Search that makes resumes, online job applications, comments and notes, salaries, locations, and candidate feedback immediately discoverable.

Offer and Onboard

Newton offers the function to perform background checks, approve, create, and send offer letters, automate the collection of tax forms, company documents, and more. Here we take a deeper look into its offer and onboard processes.

Approval Processes

Newton provides job and offer approval processes that are fully customizable, can be email-driven, and provide the visibility, control, and exception management that employers need to grow quickly.

Easily Create Job Offer Letters and Responses

Newton has a function to easily create job offer letters & manage responses. Users can gather approvals, create, send, and receive signed offer letters without ever leaving the ATS, offering the convenience of one dashboard

Background Checks

Newton has integrations with leading background screening partners shifts the collection of sensitive data from your company and moves that responsibility to the experts. This enables you to have confidence in the offers you make without the risks of collecting and storing sensitive data.

EEO and OFCCP Compliance

It has the most up-to-date, EEO and OFCCP compliance tracking and reporting tools available.

Reporting and Analytics

Newton provides teams with unparalleled visibility into every recruiting process, increasing time to hire in this competitive candidates’ market.

New Hire Onboarding

Newton has onboarding tools that can save HR departments time and help automate the process.



So… Where Does Newton Win and Where Does iCIMS Win?

Newton has a no login candidate experience which iCIMS does not provide. Localization seems to be a strength for iCIMS over Newton as well as the number of integrations. Newton offers a better mobile experience for users and applications as well as better approval processes compared to iCIMS’ experience and processes. Newton has faster activation time than iCIMS which can take months. Newton’s compliance and reporting on compliance is better as well as job board integrations. iCIMS does possess an advanced folder-ing system which Newton lacks, however Newton’s Echo system that allows hiring professionals to drive recruiting with email features a no login experience, which iCIMS simply does not provide.




Where Newton Wins Where iCIMS Wins
User experience – no login required with Newton Echo Localization
Native mobile – for users and applications Number of integrations
Short activation time Advanced folder-ing system
Streamlined approval processes
Compliance/Reporting on compliance
Job board integrations