Newton vs Greenhouse

Greenhouse background and who are they?

Greenhouse was founded in 2005. It’s headquarters are in New York and is privately held with $40-$50 million in debt financing from VC firms. CEO, Daniel Chait states he launched Greenhouse with a single goal: Make companies great at hiring.


What does Greenhouse claim to offer?

ATS (applicant tracking system)

Greenhouse allows users to dive into a pipeline view of any role paired with a holistic view of candidate activity. It allows people to seamlessly collaborate with hiring teams: @mentions, shared application review, and job and offer approvals. Greenhouse helps users to empower their stakeholders to play their part with fine-grained permissions. It also helps users stay ahead with alerts, tasks and notifications.

Structured Hiring

Users can decide on a scorecard of key attributes for a candidate’s success with Greenhouse as well as eliminate chaos with an organized plan that helps interviewers assess the right skills, traits and qualifications. The platform helps to mitigate bias with data-driven hiring decisions on final candidates.

Candidate Experience

Greenhouse allows users to customize career pages and job boards. The platform can help the user impress applicants with focused, meaningful interviews and to represent a users brand with customizable email templates. Automated surveys are also a feature to measure candidate experience and get valuable feedback.

Analytics and Reporting

The platform helps users to analyze 30+ Core Reports for at-a-glance reporting — including source quality, time-to-fill and offer acceptance rate. It allows people to connect reports to Google Sheets and seamlessly refresh for easy analysis and collaboration. Greenhouse gives users the ability to configure reports to highlight and focus on the specific data users are looking for. Greenhouse has leverage machine learning and predictive analytics with Greenhouse Predicts to uncover the likelihood of hiring a candidate on time.

Diversity and Inclusion

Greenhouse has the feature to develop a scorecard of key performance attributes to assess candidates and create an equal playing field with a single, consistent interview experience for all candidates for a particular role. The platform allows users to collect structured EEO data for compliance and process measurement.

Enterprise Scale

Users can reflect the intricacy of your organization and processes through advanced data configuration (including custom fields).

Greenhouse gives users the ability to configure smart approvals in the order you need to receive them, as well as taking bulk actions across jobs, candidates or offers to ensure consistency and save time.

Greenhouse allows users to integrate with and sync to your HRIS for smooth process management. The platform has the feature for people to leverage important security features, including SOCII, disaster recovery, SSO, SMTP relay, configurable session time-outs and more.

Mobile Ready

Greenhouse helps users keep the hiring process moving with the tap of a finger, conveniently staying up to date with alerts, tasks and notifications. The platform gives users the ability to provide feedback on a candidate’s critical skills easily when out of the office or at events. The platform can help users effortlessly prep for a mobile meeting with all the information they need right at their fingertips and can help the process of quickly locating a candidate profile information a user may need,  as well as access to reports, scorecards and analytics no matter where they are.



Newton background and who are they?

Newton was founded in 2009. The company’s mission was to design software that they want to use, sell it how they want to buy it, and provide the level of support they would expect as customers. Newton was acquired by Paycor in December of 2015, allowing them to grow their team of product experts and engineers. Continued investment by Paycor enables helps them improve their product and provide superior support. Today, Newton is used by over 1500 HR teams on any given day.


What does Newton offer?

Attraction and Engagement

With Newton jobs can be displayed with one click, and acceptance of job applicants online can be done via a branded careers page as well as personalized automated emails. Here we take a look at their attraction and engagement features.

Careers Pages
Newton makes it easy to have a fully-branded careers site that matches a website to the T.  
Free Job Postings

Newton is able to post to jobs with one click, for free. Meaning a job can be on a site and searchable in seconds.

Online Job Applications

It offers a fully-branded, customizable careers pages and online job applications that integrate seamlessly with a website to create a great candidate experience and employer brand.

Employee Referrals

Newton offers rewards for employees for referrals with a fast, mobile-first, easy-to-use tool for sharing job openings with their numerous personal networks.

Resume Parsing

Newton comes with enterprise-grade resume parsing technology with nearly limitless input options, producing the most accurate results with no manual work.

Agency Manager

Newton also offer an Agency Manager that is a ready-to-use solution that will help manage applicants submitted by recruiting firms and staffing agencies.

Interview and Collaboration

Newton offer from intuitive dashboards that give visibility and control across the entire hiring process. Here we take a look at the topic of Interview and Collaboration.

Email templates and Automation

Newton is the only ATS that comes with over 90 expertly written recruiting emails built-in.

Tools for Hiring Managers

Newton can be used from any device, anywhere, and give feedback without a login.

Interview Guides and Scorecards

Newton’s Interview Guides and Scorecards improve new hire quality by allowing for better preparation for teams for interviews while also automating how collection on their feedback following every interview.

Recruiting Dashboards

Newton offers comprehensive recruitment dashboards that immediately identify where candidates fall in a recruiting process.

Outlook and Gmail Interview Scheduling

Newton integrates with Outlook and Gmail saving you countless hours and headaches chasing candidates and hiring managers.

Advanced Candidate Search

Newton offers an Advanced Candidate Search that makes resumes, online job applications, comments and notes, salaries, locations, and candidate feedback immediately discoverable.

Offer and Onboard

Newton offers the function to perform background checks, approve, create, and send offer letters, automate the collection of tax forms, company documents, and more. The company emphasizes glean key insights along the way with powerful reporting are also possible. Here we take a deeper look into it’s offer and onboard processes.

Approval Processes

Newton have job & offer approval processes that are fully customizable, can be email-driven, and provide the visibility, control, and exception management that employers need to grow quickly.

Easily Create Job Offer Letters and Responses

Newton has a function to Easily Create Job Offer Letters & Manage Responses. Users can gather approvals, create, send, and receive signed offer letters without ever leaving the ATS.

Background Checks

Newton has integrations with leading background screening partners shifts the collection of sensitive data from your company and moves that responsibility to the experts.

EEO and OFCCP Compliance

It has the most up-to-date, EEO and OFCCP compliance tracking and reporting tools available.

Reporting and Analytics

Newton provides teams with unparalleled visibility into every recruiting process.

New Hire Onboarding

Newton has onboarding tools that can save HR departments time and help automate the process.



So… Why Greenhouse may not be as good as Newton?

Greenhouse contains thin features other than interview feedback loop. It’s approval features are seriously lacking. It has poor outlook integration and interview scheduling features for outlook. Greenhouse does have innovative interview feedback and scoring feature that drives quantitative interview scoring. The platform has weak dashboards and reporting features as well as no compliance functionality. It does contain lots of integrations lots of tech logos. Another disadvantage is that managers are forced to login and submits lots of information. Greenhouse have received complaints of the product being slow and buggy. Greenhouse does have weak support response times whereas Newton’s support and implementation is very good.