Job Posting & Sponsored Posting

Job Posting

Job posting also known as a job ad, is the main asset available to companies when recruiting newly hired staff. They are advertisements relating to an opening for a new job. Job ads were traditionally published in newspapers and other printed sources as “want ads”, however they are now more commonly posted online.

Recruiting software packages such as applicant tracking systems or the more modern talent acquisition platform can create job ads which are then centralized in job distribution across many online properties for example to the career site of a company, social media sites and external job boards.

There are two main categories to which a typical job posting will fall depending on its target audience;


Internal Job Posting

These ads are only posted to an organization’s’ existing employees by giving them the chance to switch to a different department or take on a different role within the organization. This is the preferred way of advertising for many companies due to the fact it saves time and money in comparison to external job advertising.


External Job Posting

These ads are advertised to the general public or more targeted candidates from outside the organization. One of the most common methods is by posting on specialized job boards catering to specific industries and/or demographics. Companies tend to use external job posting when they wish to increase their workforce or require new expertise and experience that is not available already within the company.


The contents of a Job Posting

A clear description of the open position, together with all the requirements needed for the role. It is key to create a well defined job posting in order to attract a high volume of suitably qualified individuals.

Example of a job posting’s basic features are;

  • A concise description of the job together with the expectations of the position and highlighting any other information of importance.
  • The minimum and specialized education requirements.
  • Relevant documents and papers.
  • Amount of work experience required,
  • Any physical/mental requirements
  • A brief outline of the company and its work culture.
  • The method preferred in applying for the position.


Job Ad vs. Job Description

It is usually best practice to compose a shorter job ad which is based on the complete job description but is more focused on techniques to brand the company effectively and to sell the position. This is different to posting the whole job description which mainly focuses on detailing a list of duties and requirements.

The more effective job ads specialise in adhering to the following;

  • Creating an appealing job title.
  • The most effective keywords.
  • Definition of the criteria for success.
  • Presenting the requirements as part of a story.
  • An approach that is more personal than formal.
  • An effective job advertisement will enable you to get the most from your job posting by specifically attracting more quality, talented applicants with a high application conversion rate.


Sponsoring Job Posting   

By sponsoring your job on Indeed you are primarily gaining the benefit of increased visibility. Over time sponsored jobs will not fall back into search results like free listings do. Due to their increased visibility Sponsored Jobs are more likely to deliver higher volumes of applicants than jobs that are non-sponsored.

You can achieve an important edge in the competition to attract the best talent by sponsoring your Indeed job especially in instances where you need to hire quickly or you are having difficulty in filling a role.

Sponsoring a job will allow the employer to control the visibility of the listing by being able to adjust the budget of the sponsored job. Whilst all sponsored jobs stay “fresh” in the search results, by raising a jobs budget the listing becomes more competitive with jobs that are similar.



What Are The Free Job Posting Feature Highlights from Newton?

Post Jobs For Free, Automatically

You want to have the largest pool of high quality applicants. That means you have to expand your reach and where your job is posted to. Simply by checking a few boxes Newton will post to Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, and your custom careers page with one click. That means an error prone and time intensive process of manually posting jobs is completely eliminated just by using Newton. The time savings alone pays for itself and we continue to add more free listings.


Expand Your Reach and Be Compliant

Newtons offers integrations with diversity, veterans, and bilingual job sites that reach millions of job seekers. Compliment your compliance efforts and save money by advertising your jobs across a network of specialty sites without leaving Newton. All applicants apply on your careers page and are organized into one dashboard so you capture valuable information and analytics while saving time.


Paid Job Posting – Sponsored

When it comes to paid job posting, it can get confusing and also expensive. However Newton’s integrations with the world’s top job boards, diversity sites and social networks make putting your jobs in front of an audience of engaged candidates quick, easy and more affordable than going direct.


Newton – Not Just For Job Posts

When it comes to job posting in general, free or paid, Newton Software make the process easier. One click job posting takes away the burden of manually posting across multiple job boards making your open position searchable in seconds. Newton’s integrations with the world’s top job boards offers users huge savings when sponsored posting, making the hiring process that bit more affordable rather than going direct.

Newton’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you manage every stage of the hiring process. Newton allows you to broadcast your jobs with one click, accept job applicants online through a branded careers page, and build trust by providing an ideal candidate experience with personalized automated emails. Newton helps employers drive the decisions that drive hiring, schedule interviews, and collect feedback from your team all from intuitive dashboards that give you visibility and control across the entire hiring process. With Newton employers can perform background checks, approve, create, and send offer letters, automate the collection of tax forms, company documents, and more. Glean key insights along the way with powerful reporting.