Candidate Experience Focused ATS

Strengthen Your Candidate Experience with a Candidate Experience Focused ATS (applicant tracking system)
In recruiting, attracting qualified candidates and driving them to apply for your open jobs is your life-blood. Luckily, recruiting software built by recruiters fits this need. Look for a recruitment platform comes with industry-leading features that enable you to build a strong employer brand and create a great candidate experience that drives job seekers to apply.

So, What Can a Candidate Experience Focused ATS Do for You?

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Customizable Online Careers Pages and Applications
In recruiting, first impressions count. Look for a candidate experience focused ATS that allows you to put your best foot forward with:

  • A beautifully branded online careers page that boosts your employer brand
  • Customizable online applications that follow industry best-practices to increase candidate conversion rates

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Nine in ten people use a mobile device to conduct their job search. To build a strong employer brand and great candidate experience, it’s important to meet these job seekers where they are: Your ATS should enable you to develop careers pages and applications that are optimized for all devices – laptop, tablet, mobile, you name it!

  • Mobile-Friendly Application Fields
  • Mobile Resume Parsing
  • Cloud Apply

Easy Apply Functionality

Did you know that 50% of candidates won’t complete an application if it takes over ten minutes, and having an application process that takes less than five minutes can boost your candidate conversion rates by 365%?

Look for an ATS that gives you the tools to make it easy for candidates to apply:

  • Drag-and-drop resume submission and parsing tools
  • No login or account configuration required
  • Easily request additional information from candidates after they have applied to simplify your  initial application process

Integrations to Job Boards and Social Media Platforms
If you aren’t getting your jobs in front of candidates, then you don’t stand a chance. Find an ATS that allows you to seamlessly post your jobs to leading job boards and social media platforms with the click of a button.

  • Free integrations to leading job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor
  • Discounted sponsored job listings for roles that require additional visibility
  • Diversity and vertical-specific job sites to target your reach and maintain EEO and OFCCP compliance
  • Seamlessly share your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Built-In Employee Referral Program for Recruiting
Studies show that employee referrals are the lowest cost, highest-quality source of candidates. Tap into your workforces’ networks with an ATS that has a built-in Employee Referral Program.

  • Make it easy for your employees to share open positions to their networks
  • Gamify the process by awarding points for applicants and hires
  • Allow your team to privately endorse or decline incoming referrals

Advanced Candidate Search
Candidate information is the currency of every employer’s recruiting program. You can never make a cheaper, more efficient hire than a candidate that already exists in your database. An Advanced Candidate Search allows you to filter for your ideal candidate profile through the use of:

  • Recruiting data, including resumes, online job application data, and assessments
  • Salary data, location data, candidate notes
  • Anything else that you collect about your candidates, including hiring manager feedback! 

What Makes Good Careers Pages and Applications?
Your careers page and applications are often the first point of contact between candidates and your employer brand. Make a great first impression and receive more job applications by following our tips listed below!

You know the saying that first impressions count? It definitely applies to your careers page! If you were searching for a job and came to an unprofessional looking careers page, would you want to apply? Probably not.

Make jobs easy to find on your website. When they land on your homepage, is it easy for them to find your careers page? At a minimum, your careers page should be accessible via your header, footer, or both.

Give your careers page a human element. Potential applicants need reassurance that applying for your job is the right choice. When a candidate clicks-through to your careers page, give them some context beyond just the job description.

Length and Complexity
Today, saying that it’s a job seeker’s market is an understatement. Employers are often at the mercy of applicants, who have certain expectations that must be met. Primary amongst these expectations is time. Applicants want to spend as little time as possible submitting their applications. If they come to your online application and realize it will take more than a couple of minutes– or worse, that they have to create a log-in, you better believe that they will look elsewhere.

Keep your application under 10 minutes. The less time it takes to complete your application, the more qualified candidates you will have in your pipeline.

Limit the number of steps in your online application. This directly correlates to duration, but the more complex your application is to fill out, the less candidates you will get.

Application Technology
Think of your candidates as customers – you need to reduce any friction and get them to “transact” (or in your case, apply to your jobs). Offering up-to-date technology that makes it easy for job seekers to apply, regardless of what device they are using is key to achieving this.

Make it mobile-friendly. Nine in ten job seekers conduct their search from their mobile devices and 70% of job seekers want to apply to jobs directly from their phones.

Provide easy-apply features. Outside of reducing the number of questions and length of your online application, there are tools that you can offer to job seekers to make it easier for them to apply. With cloud apply features like Google Drive or Dropbox, on-the-go job seekers can easily upload their resume to your application from anywhere on any device.

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The final step to creating a great candidate experience is communication. Did you know that 50% of job applicants never receive an update on the status of their application? It’s no wonder that modern job seekers feel like they are shooting applications into a black hole.

Follow-up with every candidate that applies, in a timely manner. Follow up with every candidate that submits a resume? Sounds good in theory, but in practice, impossible, right? Well not so fast. There are tools that can literally manage this communication for you. From thank you emails, to stage-specific recruiting emails, and even digital offer letters, you can eliminate time spent drafting those recruiting emails while providing personalized communication to every candidate.