ATS Landscape - Summary of Competitors


iCIMS was founded in 1999. The current CEO is Colin Day. The company has private funding at a value of $92.58 million. The last round was $56.73 million in October 2015. Their headquarters are in Matawan, New Jersey and the products they offer is ATS (applicant tracking system) – Onboarding. They offer software solutions and tools that unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCIMS, companies can manage their talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application. Their focus is on user-friendly technology and customer experience.

What does iCIMS claim to offer?

Mobile Engagement

The company offer a mobile engagement platform called TextRecruit that leverages texting, live chat and AI to connect with applicants.

Engaged Candidate Experience

iCIMS Connect is a CRM application that enables personalized communication, automated recruitment marketing and event management.

Attraction and Hiring The Best

iCIMS Recruit is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines recruiting through advertising capabilities, collaboration tools and reporting with seamless integration across the iCIMS suite and other HR systems.

Hiring Success

iCIMS Offer is an end-to-end offer management solution with automation and compliance tools built to minimize the risk of losing a hire.

Optimise the Candidate-To-Employee Transition

iCIMS Onboard engages new hires with interactive onboarding portals, tasks and forms that improve their time to productivity.

All in One Platform

iCIMS UNIFi integrates all required recruiting solutions into one platform and provides access to providers through the iCIMS Marketplace to provide efficiency and flexibility in scaling a business.




Greenhouse was founded in 2005. Headquartered in New York, it is privately held with $40-$50 million in debt financing from VC firms. The CEO, Daniel Chait, states that he launched Greenhouse with a single goal: Make companies great at hiring.

ATS (applicant tracking system)

Greenhouse allows users to dive into a pipeline view of any role paired with a holistic view of candidate activity. It allows people to collaborate with hiring teams: @mentions, shared application review, and job and offer approvals. Greenhouse helps users to empower their stakeholders to play their part with permissions. It also helps users stay ahead with alerts, tasks and notifications.

Structured Hiring

Users can decide on a scorecard of key attributes for a candidate’s success with Greenhouse as well as eliminate chaos with an organized plan that helps interviewers assess the right skills, traits and qualifications. The platform helps to mitigate bias with data-driven hiring decisions on final candidates.

Candidate Experience

Greenhouse allows users to customize career pages and job boards. The platform can help the user impress applicants with focused interviews and to represent a user’s brand with customizable email templates. Automated surveys are also a feature to measure candidate experience and get feedback.

Analytics and Reporting

The platform helps users to analyze 30+ Core Reports for at-a-glance reporting — including source quality, time-to-fill and offer acceptance rate. It allows people to connect reports to Google Sheets and seamlessly refresh for analysis and collaboration. Greenhouse gives users the ability to configure reports to highlight and focus on the specific data users are looking for. Greenhouse has leverage machine learning and predictive analytics with Greenhouse Predicts to uncover the likelihood of hiring a candidate on time.

Diversity and Inclusion

Greenhouse has the feature to develop a scorecard of key performance attributes to assess candidates and create an equal playing field with a single, consistent interview experience for all candidates for a particular role. The platform allows users to collect structured EEO data for compliance and process measurement.

Enterprise Scale

Users can reflect the intricacy of your organization and processes through advanced data configuration (including custom fields).

Greenhouse gives users the ability to configure smart approvals in the order you need to receive them, as well as taking bulk actions across jobs, candidates or offers to ensure consistency and save time.

Greenhouse allows users to integrate with and sync to your HRIS for smooth process management. The platform has the feature for people to leverage important security features, including SOC 2, disaster recovery, SSO, SMTP relay, configurable session time-outs and more.

Mobile Ready

Greenhouse helps users keep the hiring process moving with staying up to date with alerts, tasks and notifications. The platform gives users the ability to provide feedback on a candidate’s critical skills when out of the office or at events. The platform can help users prep for a mobile meeting with all the information they need right at their fingertips and can help the process of locating a candidate profile information a user may need,  as well as access to reports, scorecards and analytics no matter where they are.




Lever was founded in 2012. The current CEO is Sarah Nahm. The company has private funding at a value of $72.8 million. The last round was Series C in July 2017. Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California and the product they offer is ATS (applicant tracking system).

What does Lever claim to offer?

Sourcing and Referrals

The company offer a chrome extension to empower a team to source and refer candidates. Lever offer the ability to send emails and add notes right from a candidate’s social profile so your team always has the context they need. It also offers trackable social referral links with regards to open roles.

End to end interview management process

Lever offers a drag and drop interface that incorporates calendar availability to help with scheduling and rescheduling.It offers the collection of interview data with customized feedback forms and skills-based scorecards. Lever offers the ability to craft, approve and send offers straight from the platform itself.

Reports Insights and Data

Lever offer shared access to interactive, visual dashboards as well as the ability to click on any number to expose underlying candidate data and see the people behind the percentage. Lever also allows the user to build customizable reports with unique URLs so they can always keep tabs on what’s critical.

Custom Careers Page

Lever offers users to easily construct a careers page that reflects your brand and encourages candidates to apply.

Time-saving tools

Lever lets users collaborate faster and track everything in one place with two-way email sync. Additionally, Lever allows users to review resumes, add notes, submit feedback, and more, all without having to log into a different system. Users are able to see all those candidate interactions immediately in their Lever profile.

Robust Candidate Profiles

One of Levers features is that it has the function to consolidate multiple job applications and many talent touchpoints into one candidate profile.

User Access Controls

Lever allows users to ensure data stays confidential with the ability to grant access by role, team, location, or tag in one click.

Candidate Relationship Management Tool

The company use something called Lever Nurture which allow users to build relationships with top candidates at scale.




JazzHR was founded in 2009. The current CEO is Pete Lamson. The company has private funding at a value of $23.98 million and the last round was a venture round in July 2017.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the company offers ATS (applicant tracking system). JazzHR states that they are on a mission to reveal the elusive yet critical connection between recruiting and performance.

What does JazzHR claim to offer?

Helps users to get out of your email inbox

JazzHr lets users to get their open jobs online and in front of job seekers. It allows users to stop losing candidates due to an overstuffed inbox.

Users ability to make spreadsheets obsolete

JazzHR has the ability for users to track, rank, and discuss automatically created digital candidate profiles in one secure location.

Allows for the leverage of team knowledge

JazzHr lets users take the guesswork out of interviewing potential hires and allows users to schedule interviewers with prep notes and questions.

The ability to digitize the offer process

The platform allows people to create customizable offer letters and generate pre-filled offers.  

Helps users stay efficient and compliant

The applicant tracking software can be used to fine tune recruiting strategy, expose problems and refocus hiring efforts.