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Applicant Tracking Software Reviews: Newton’s Quick Launch Capabilities

In today’s always-online world, consumers utilize reviews for almost everything. Whether it’s locating the best pizza spot in Boulder, CO or finding a recommended place to stay on TripAdvisor people like to know what their peers have to say about a product or service before they jump into it.

The same goes for business software. Any human resources leader, corporate recruiting manger or company executive knows that an important purchasing decision needs to be properly vetted through research. Part of this research naturally must involve investigating what other similar business leaders are saying about a product or service.

This is especially true when moving forward with an applicant tracking software platform. At Newton we know that any potential customer wants to know “why Newton?” In other words: what makes Newton’s applicant tracking solution the best choice, and what do our customers have to say about the product and our team’s ability to deploy Newton quickly to any sized organization? It only makes sense to have these questions answered before moving forward with an applicant tracking solution.

For that reason, we’ve asked a couple of our customers to review their experience with Newton. Although these applicant tracking reviews are fully downloadable as PDFs on our Why Newton page, we’d like to highlight a few of them over the next couple of months through the Newton blog.

For this entry of Newton’s applicant tracking software reviews, we’ll concentrate on what customers had to say about getting started and setup with Newton Software:

  • Hannah Adams, a human resources manager, let us know how easy it was to get Newton setup in the first place: “I was definitely pleasantly surprised about how easy Newton was to get started with and how well integrated it is into our own website.”
  • Other customers like Brandon Thurman, a technical recruiter, spoke of Newton’s implementation simplicity: “Newton’s implementation process was very simple. Since it is operated as a software as a service, it is as easy as logging on to the site. Newton’s implementation team was helpful in establishing a foundation for us to work off of; including loading our jobs, current candidates, etc.”
  • Ro Carbone, a VP of Human Resources, put an exclamation point on the applicant tracking reviews with her experience in getting started with Newton: “Never has so little expended effort brought so much benefit!”

It’s not surprising that Newton’s customers are extremely satisfied with Newton’s activation methodology. After all, unlike our peers’ software, the Newton recruiting platform is designed around its deployment model. We make every effort to build Newton to be easy-to-use and intuitive and therefore easy to deploy to customers of all sizes.

We believe that a customer’s experience getting started with a product is reflective of the product as a whole. We’re glad our efforts to achieve this are apparent through what our customers are saying about the setup process.

Our next applicant tracking review entry will focus on what people are saying about Newton’s customer service – stay tuned!