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The Safe Hiring Dream Team

Sometimes when I have a minute to sit and think about the people that I’ve met since we started Newton, I am humbled, really kind of amazed. If I were still in an HR or recruiting role, I would have any problem or question covered with a quick email or phone call.

So, today, as I was starting to put together some collateral  for our customers on resources for safe hiring, I sat back and looked at the experts that our clients have access to. It’s a safe hiring dream team.

Here is the starting forward line (it’s a hockey reference).

Starting Center

This week, Newton Software partnered with Employment Screening Resources  (ESR) to provide our customers with integrated background checks. ESR’s CEO is Les Rosen, a recognized expert in background screen. He, quite literally wrote the book on safe hiring. Les is also a frequent contributor to the ESRNEWS, the de facto news source for the background check industry

Catch Les on Newton’s upcoming webinar: Getting Started with Integrated Background Checks. Newton customers can register here.

Starting Wing

Another great partner of Newton and a wonderful resource for the HR community at large is Dr. Stephanie Thomas, is the Founder and CEO of Thomas Econometrics Inc., a firm specializing in quantitative solutions to complex, unstructured problems. She has provided economic and statistical consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, privately held businesses, and government agencies such as the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Stephanie is also the host of the popular podcast, The Proactive Employer, a resource for the latest news and commentary on workplace issues, HR best practices, employment litigation risk management and EEO and OFCCP compliance. The Proactive Employer focuses on issues of interest to HR professionals, compliance officers, corporate counsel, employment attorneys, expert consultants and others interested in workplace issues in the United States and around the world.

On a side note, The Proactive Employer will be hosting the Director of the OFCCP, Patricia Shiu on May 17th, 2012 to discuss the Department of Labor’s goal of “Good Jobs For Everyone” and how her Agency—OFCCP—is working to achieve that goal.  More to come on this.

Starting Wing

This week we’re also adding Carla Irwin to our cadre of partner experts. Carla is the founder and managing partner of Carla Irwin and Associates,  a firm that specializes in developing and implementing Affirmative Action Programs (AAP) for Federal Contractors. With clients ranging from small business to Fortune 100 corporations, Carla and her team supplement their  clients’ human resources functions with in-depth AAP knowledge and expert systems.

The team at Newton Software is obsessed with improving the areas of hiring that have been the hardest for employers to optimize. And, like fixing the problems that always seem to be overlooked or just accepted, we’re also always promoting the concepts of safe hiring. That is, we’re always looking for ways that our popular applicant tracking software can create and reinforce processes to help reduce the risks faced by our HR constituents.

Webinar: Getting Started with Integrated Background Checks

With Newton’s most recent release, we’ve created the most modern, easy-to-use integrated background check feature to date in the applicant tracking software world. Our customers now have  a sophisticated, real-time, audit and exception management tool inside of Newton to promote safe hiring. Simply put, we developed this feature to keep you safe and to help […]

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Newton Software Seamlessly Integrates Background Checks Into Popular Applicant Tracking Software

Today we announced our newest feature, seamlessly integrated background checks. Solving a real problem for employers The research we conducted as part of this release confirmed what we had experienced as recruiting leaders for the past decade, the current pre-employment screening process is  inefficient and the service as a standalone is highly commoditized. Having been recruiters, […]

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Introducing Integrated Background Checks – Done Right.

Integrations come in many forms. Unfortunately, many applicant tracking software vendors treat integrations as an afterthought. Not at Newton. We understand that applicant tracking software marks the beginning of the talent chain and there are important processes that should be integrated seamlessly to improve efficiency, create transparency and track spend. We’ve coined our integration strategy “S4″ […]

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Green is Go. Red is No.®

Hiring is, at its simplest, a linear process, characterized by discrete stages that are driven by yes and no decisions.  The easiest way to hire people faster is to eliminate wasted steps in your recruiting process and reduce periods of inactivity i.e. waiting. We design Newton to standardize the process of hiring by removing inefficient […]

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